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New Partnership - Umeå IK FF

We at Zlingit are pleased to announce our partnership with Umeå IK FF for a period of 1 year.

Umeå IK FF, the once giants of European women's football, now play in the second tier of women's football in Sweden. They have in the past won the Swedish championship seven times in nine years, had an unbeaten season in the league in 2006, won two back to back UEFA Women's Champions League in 2003 & 2004. They have also had some of the biggest Female stars wear their colours like the Brazilian forward Marta who also happened to be named FIFA Player Of The Year on 3 consecutive occasions during her time with them.

Krister Ruth, Chairman of Umeå IK FF, is someone who really understands why digitalisation and community building are two key aspects the club needs to focus on as they try to reach their old heights.

Krister Ruth comments about the partnership:

"The collaboration with Zlingit will open up completely new opportunities around our value proposition to both sponsor and fans. By digitizing parts of our business, we will create new opportunities for how we treat and take care of our fans as well as establishing new collaboration and sponsor opportunities for existing and new partners. During 2021, we will also start a super-exciting community project where Zlingit will assist with several new interesting perspectives on how to communicate and engage people in the issue. This is a collaboration that we at Umeå IK really look forward to!"

We look forward to a fruitful year with Umeå IK FF and hope this partnership keeps growing in the years to come.


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