"Zlingit was founded to help companies create better relations with their target audience while also helping them to become more socially responsible with their marketing"
- Tobias Gruffman; CEO Zlingit

Our mission is to provide them with the best solutions for creating, managing and developing customer relationships

We at Zlingit challenge today's working methods because we believe in the power that comes from the feeling of belonging and appreciation. Through proven methods and systems, Zlingit creates digital solutions that build stronger relationships between brands and people. Products that provide a better customer experience, increased interaction, better marketing & communication, that create loyalty - that pays off in the long run

We want to make modern marketing accessible and effective for all businesses

Zlingit is an engagement-driven system that enables companies to better understand and manage their customer relationships. Our belief is that it should be fun and interesting for people to be involved with brands and to do that we need the right tools.




Zlingit's journey started in 2016 studying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. The main problem that was intended to be solved was the secondary ticket market. One of the fellow students used to travel to England to watch PL matches but always faced the same problem, overpriced tickets. Zlingit or Slingit (as it was first called) would allow people to buy face-value tickets in a simple and convenient way.