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Increase customer satisfaction by answering your customers' questions within a few seconds, without increasing your own administration, with the help of Zlingit's chat function
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Virtual assistant

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with and respond to all the people who contact your company, especially now that there are several inboxes (email, facebook, website, etc.) to keep track of.

Save time and money by having a virtual assistant answer your customers' questions via website, facebook and instagram within a few seconds.

Help several customers at the same time, collect your inboxes in one place, and get a better overview of your customer contact.

virituell assistent


Have your customers or visitors questions linked to different categories such as Prices, Delivery times, PoliciesOpen hours? With a FAQ (frequently asked questions), your customers get faster and more personal service

Let customers find the answer to their questions based on a couple of premade questions and answers

Everything is automatic and your visitors get an answer in no time

The system can learn what questions your visitors ask and generate appropriate answers


Live chat

If your customers need extra quick help or can't find the answer themselves, then it can be good to provide the Live chat option where they can chat with one of your employees

 Manage multiple live conversations over text at the same time, compared to phone, and your visitors can skip the phone queue

If you are occupied, the person can easily choose to be contacted via the channel the person prefers (email, telephone, text message, or messenger) and the time which suits them

Live chat
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Improve your customer service and get more repeat customers

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