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Create loyal & more returning customers to your business by improving the customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction
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Stamp card

With a digital stamp card, you'll create more satisfied customers, generate more repeated customers, and get a better idea at who your customers actually are 

  Your customers avoid the worry of losing their stamp card and you can send out automatic messages 1 day after their visit and ask what they think about the product, food, visit etc.


  Avoid buying new cards and stamps. The customer easily scans a QR code after their purchase to get their stamp or register their purchase

The system sends out a coupon when someone has shopped for a certain amount or collected 10 stamps.  Completely customized based on your industry

stamp card

Gift cards

With digital gift cards, you increase customer satisfaction and get more insight about your customers with simple functions such as:

Automatic reminders before the gift card expire 

 Possibility to extend the validity period for 1 week unless the full amount is used. Works on 1 occasion

  See which customer groups buy and use the gift cards. Use the insights to generate more customers through advertising and look-a-like audiences.

gift card
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Digital coupons

Motivate your target audience to get engaged in your posts, stories, or ads by sending out discounts, unique offers, and other rewards

 Give offers to your customers and measure who uses them

✓ Understand which offers and discounts drive customers to your store

 Enables people to subscribe to offers, send them out at the next campaign and reduce your advertising costs


Loyalty system

Connect Zlingit with your checkout system, webshop, or payment platform and send out discounts and offers when a person has shopped for a certain amount

 Send out digital reminders when a person has not visited you for a while. Lure them back with time-limited discount codes or coupons

Generate more purchases by showing which offers customers can unlock when they have shopped for a certain amount

Send out messages, automatically, when a customer unlocks a new discount or a reminder before an dicsount expires

engagemet system

Engagement System

Take your loyalty system to the next level and reward customers based on how they engage with your business.

 Measure if and how people engage with your newsletter, posts, stories, ads, digital contests, etc. and reward them with points when they like, comment, share, open, recommend, or otherwise participate 

 Create different levels that unlock unique offers when they have accumulated a certain score.  Based on the number of points a person has, you can better understand what, when and how each person engages with your business

Get more engaged customers, and increase the amount of returning customers with 90%, and purchase orders by 60%

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