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Achieve increased efficiency in your marketing and communication activities. Optimize your ads, get more out of your social media posts without spending hundreds of €
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Social Media

Get more out of your social media posts by activating followers in polls and contests.  

 Create interactive content on your social media and create increased engagement with your followers

✓ Let Zlingit automatically respond to comments  on your posts and stories

 Zlingit automatically selects a winner based on your criteria and notifies all participants of the result completely automatically

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Once a person has interacted with your posts, stories, ads, you can easily send out messages via SMS, Messenger, Instagram, E-mail to customers.

 A person can choose what, how often and which channel they want to be contacted in

 This means you do not have to waste time on people who do not want to be contacted and who will only be annoyed if they receive a message

 Increase your opening rate between 50-90% via SMS, Messenger or Instagram Messages. Perfect for your newsletter

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Zlingit helps you achieve higher efficiency with your advertising online, in radio, newspaper, flyers or other traditional media. 


 Make it easier to measure the effect of how many people clicked, became a customer or otherwise interacted with your ads

 Easily identify who and which target group clicked, saw your ads, and used your offer

  Use the insights and create  "lookalike audience" or use tracking pixels to reach more customers

Hot Air Balloons

Want to know the differences between Zlingit, digital & traditional marketing?

Kolla i din inkorg! ✉️

Lead generation

Generate more leads with the help of interactive ads & content, digital competitions, automated follow-up etc.

The system automatically takes out a winner and sends out a follow-up message to all participants

Give all participants digital coupons, and measure how many customers your campaign has generated.

Choose from most digital competitions & activities

- Digital quizzes, puzzles, treasure hunts, polls, puzzles, subscriptions and much more


A/B Testing

With Zlingit you can easily optimize your ads by setting up simple A / B tests without having to spend a lot of time and resources

Create landing pages quick and easy, use unique sales texts, and measure what generates the most customers

Zlingit randomizes the tests for each visitor and measures what generates the most customers

Create automatic follow-ups when a person has not completed your call to action and increase your conversion

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Improve your customer service and get more repeat customers

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