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Do you want to get new and more returning customers to your store? With Zlingit's digital tools, we do exactly that without increasing your administration and other unnecessary hassles! 
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Get more repeat customers with our digital tools 

 Use our digital stamp cards,  gift card, or loyalty system to get more and show your appreciation to returning customers

✓ Send out digital offers/discounts completely automatically to your customers when they have collected 10 stamps or shopped for a certain amount  

 Send out messages to your customers at holidays, for promotions or when they turn one. Set yourself and let Zlingit take care of the rest

 Get a clear overview of how much your customers spend, how often they visit you (digital and physical) and other interesting statistics

Use our digital stamp card and send out automatic reminders if customers have not visited your store for a while or give them a digital coupon when they get 10 stamps. Never let customers get annoyed over a lost stamp card again 😄

Answer your customers while you continue to work, with our digital assistant

  Use our digital helper to answer people who write to your instagram, facebook and website completely automatically


  Never let your customers wait for answers about opening hours, treatments, prices, bookings and much more.  

Gather your inboxes in one place and get a better overview of your customer contact. 

Enables people to submit questions or open a live chat if they need extra help. 

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