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Get more applications

Do you use ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive in interested people? In that case, Zlingit will change and streamline your work immensely

Instead of sending people directly to the job advertisement, you can send them to Messenger instead.

Make it easier to apply

Let the person easily make their application via Messenger as a first process.

Ask them to share their LinkedIn profile and make the step of starting their application easier

You receive the information easily and smoothly via email and via our database.

If the person seems interesting, you can easily contact the person via Messenger and ask them to fill in more information either via email or the way that suits you best.

Automated follow-up with applicants

If a person has shown interest in a job by clicking on your job advertisement but has not made an application, you can easily automate a follow-up to see if the person is interested via Messenger.

Depending on whether a person got the job or not, you can send out automated answers depending on the person's outcome.

- Send out a simple evaluation to see how the person feels about the new job

- Send out an evaluation questionnaire to measure how the applicants experienced your treatment and service.

- Send out a message to people who did not get the job and ask if they want to subscribe to similar jobs.

Get more people to open your email mailings

Instead of sending your job ads via Mail, where they usually end up in a sharpshooter or never get opened, you can make your mailings via Messenger instead of increasing the opening frequency. Choose which target group you want to send to, depending on which jobs they have shown interest in before or send to all people.

Enable people to subscribe to your job updates. The person can choose from different categories that your business already uses. They will then receive an automatic notification as soon as you make an update within that category

Enables people to see available jobs

Allow the person to swipe between different jobs in your Messenger. Let them easily show their interest in a job at the touch of a button.

Enables Companies to see available candidates

Enable companies to swipe between different candidates and let them show their interest at the touch of a button. You can categorize candidates based on your own set of variables that you think are best suited.


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