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  • What is Zlingit?
    Zlingit is a Sport Engagement System built to gain a better and closer experience between the audience, sponsors and sport clubs. We are a Umeå based company :)
  • How does is work?
    For a sport clubs to use Zlingit we recommend you to conncats us at Once a club have connected, a process that takes less then 10 minutes, to Zlingit people will be able to: 1. Buy tickets 2. Read news and stats about your club 3. Play games and win pricese 4. Vote for the moste valuable player 5. Give feedback for improvments and other suggestions 6. Gain loyalty point and get sweet offers for being a loyal supporter. (Psst: for all interactions you have with zlingit you gain extra loyalty points ;) )
  • GDPR
    We don't collect any personal infromation about our users or sell it to other thrid party companies. We do however give all users an encrypted user code (ex: 1bgC34!9 ). This enable us to track how the user code use our system. This function is primarley set up go give users loyalty points so they can get sweet offers You can remove all data from our service through the function remove user/ta bort användare in messenger.
  • Credit card infromation
    Zlingit use the payment service Stripe. Once a user has entered their payment details, they are saved in Stripe’s secure system and will be prefilled next time the same user wants to pay for something else. Zlingit does not store any payment details. All of the sensitive data is passed securely to Stripe, where it is stored.
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