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Is your organization supported by donations?

Are you facing hard times due to the covid?

Maybe donation could help you out.

Enable your customers, fans, members etc. to donate money to your organization

So how does it work?

Inside your companies messenger channel, each user can decide to donate money based on different amounts that we set up inside the system.

A person simply chooses what amount they want to donate based on the pre-set amounts, which could be 10 €, 20 €, 50 €.


The biggest benefit of Zlingits Donation system is that it enables you to track the amount of donations a person has made.

This enables you to send out personalized messages in which you can show your appreciation. Besides personalized messages, you can also send out special discounts, offers, or promotions as a thank you for their support

Use triggers

You could even automate these activities once a person has reached a certain amount of donation.

ex. First donation (regardless om the amount): - Thank you for your donation. It means a lot to us in these hard times!

Donated 50 €

You are too generous! If you ever swing by the store here you have a 25 % discount on any item in our store!

Donated 100 €

- Your such an amazing customer, we do not know what we would do without you! When everything gets back to normal we want to invite you to a special VIP evening

These messages can of course the specialized to your organization and need :)

Show your appreciation

The most important part about donations is that you are transparent about what the donations are being used for and why you need the donations. This will remove any type of question mark regarding why they should donate money to your organization.

Besides that, by showing your appreciation to the people who donate money to you read personally instead of a post on your social media you will increase relationships between you and the persons who donated.


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