Do you run an e-commerce or do you receive payment online? Then Zlingit can help you optimize the number of repeat customers and streamline your ads

Reduce the number of "abandoned baskets"

Of course you get annoyed when a person abandons their shopping cart ..

By integrating your webshop with Zlingit, we can reduce the number of abandoned shopping baskets. Zlingit easily sends out automatic follow-up messages via Facebook Messenger to those who have abandoned their shopping cart.

If you already have this feature via e-mail, you will notice an even greater effect with Zlingit. Messenger has an average opening frequency of 80-95% compared to email which has 7-20%.

Use our loyalty system and reward repeat customers

By integrating your e-commerce with Zlingit, we can easily measure the number of completed purchases for each person. Thus, we can reward repeat customers and create more repeat customers via various forms of rewards and discounts.

Optimize ads

- Generate more leads by sending people to Messenger instead of a landing page or squeeze page. Why?

By sending people to Messenger, you can easily make automated follow-ups to all people who click on the ad

- Create digital competitions to increase the engagement of the target group with Zlingit.

By using digital competitions to drive engagement from followers and other target groups, you can increase customer satisfaction. Measure who is participating and give them a score each time they perform an activity. See who the company's most loyal customers are and reward them with great deals and more personal communication

Reduce your advertising costs

By using Zlingit and driving your traffic to Messenger, you can reduce your advertising costs in the long run. You can easily reach all people who have clicked on your ads or otherwise contacted the company via Messenger.

* Important info: You may be put off if you post for frequent updates as it will be considered spam. Let the person choose the type of relationship they want with the company by letting them choose which updates they want to receive and how often :)