Your parents' financial situation should not determine if you get the opportunity to participate in sports or other physical activity, that's a common ground a lot of us can agree upon. However, that's not the case.

It's a simple concept.

For a sports club to work they need to have revenues to cover their costs, just like any other company. Memberships, competition fees, material fees, etc. are some of the income smaller sports clubs really on to manage the operations.

These are also barriers for a lot of families if they want to get their kids involved with sports. Some families do not have the possibility to drive their kids to practice, camps, competitions because of time constraints.

When my two brothers and I were kids we played all kinds of sports - table tennis, football, floorball, hockey, well you name it.

Fortunately, some of these activities were held locally in our village where we grew up. However, once we became better and better we kind of outgrew the village team and started looking for other teams to join to improve our skills.

And since there is some age difference between my brothers and I, we were of course divided into different teams. So there we were, doing 2-3 different sports each, having 3 different practices hours each per week. That's 27 different practice times our parents had to drive us to.

It was not until older days when I actually realized the amount of work and scheduling my parents had to do to manage all this.

And the practice was just one element. Besides that, we had matches and tournaments that we went to every weekend. In summer, we had football and in winter we played table tennis.

Most of the time these tournaments were in other cities, which meant staying in hotels, hostels, and other living arrangements, as well as food expenses.

I can't even imagine how much money and time my parents have spent on my brothers and me, including living arrangements, food expenses, membership fees, travel expenses, and more.

We were lucky to have parents that could afford it and had the time to support us. However, these are huge barriers for a lot of families, meaning a lot of kids are missing out on the beautiful things my brothers and I got to experience thanks to sports..