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Reach more people with your news

Improve is an omnichannel strategy and enables your readers to receive updates and news via Facebook Messenger or Instagram messages.

With Messenger, you can reach your target audience more effectively!

Messenger has an average opening rate between 80-95%

- Email that has 7%

- Push notifications 7.8%

- SMS has 50-80%

Zlingit picks up your news from the Website as well as your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and distributes it to the right person at the right time based on his or hers settings.

Automate and customize news

Enables your readers to subscribe to different news categories and how often they want their updates.

Create new measurable advertising models

Create new interesting advertising models for companies by offering to send out digital coupons via your messenger and measure how many customers you have generated for their business.

Zlingit measures how many coupons have been used and when they are used. In addition, we segment the target group that uses their coupons so that they get a better picture of their customer group.


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