Do you manage a store? Then Zlingit can help you optimize your marketing, increase the number of repeat customers and improve the relationship with your customers

Digital stamp card and gift card

Offer your customers to use a digital stamp card. Give them discounts or offers when they have completed a set number of purchases.

Do you want to offer your customers gift cards? Offer them a digital gift card so they do not have a separate card in their wallet and avoid the risk of their gift card expiring by sending an automatic reminder when it is about to expire.

The advantage of a digital stamp- and gift cards is that you get an increased understanding of who your customers actually are. Uses the insights Zlingit gives you to optimize your ads and find similar audiences and more customers

Use our loyalty system and reward repeat customers

By using a digital gift card or stamp card, we can easily measure the number of completed purchases for each person. This allows us to reward repeat customers and create more repeat customers via various forms of rewards and discounts sent out via Zlingit

Automatic customer support

Use Zlingit to automate answers to the most common questions you receive via Messenger or Instagram

- Opening hours,

- Address,

- Telephone number,

- Appointment,

- Prices

- and much more

We can easily adapt the answers based on the questions you want to answer

Email support

If the person does not find their answer, they can easily choose to send a question via Messenger that ends up in your E-mail. You can then choose to respond to the customer via your email or directly in Messenger.

Live chat

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