The Decade That Was - II

Last week we spoke about the previous decade and our favourite sporting memories from the decade. And although our team is not completely filled with nerds we do geek out on the topic of sports and hence here we are with part two of our last week’s article with a small twist. This week we are talking about the best sports marketing campaigns/activations from the previous decade that our team absolutely loved. The only thing our team geeks out on apart from sports is smart, quirky and efficient marketing.

So here’s our list of favourite sports marketing campaigns from the decade that was:

#1 RedBull Stratos

Red Bull, the Austrian energy drink company, is known by its tagline ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. In 2012 they took their tagline a little too seriously when they sponsored Austrian skydiver and daredevil Felix Baumgartner for a ‘space dive’. Titled ‘Red Bull Stratos’ project, witnessed Felix jumping from the edge of the Stratosphere while millions across the world saw this one of a kind phenomena on their desk via a Youtube Livestream. This activation was by far one of the craziest activations in the history of sports and something that only a brand like Red Bull could pull off.

#2 Nike Equality

In early 2017, Nike launched its Equality campaign to create and join a conversation by illustrating the existence of equality in sports. The use of black and white hues in the visuals further helped their cause.

#3 Mauka Mauka

Summer of 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup was just starting when Star Sports came up with this brilliant campaign for the fierce rivalry clash between India & Pakistan. The music was catchy, it was slightly in bad taste but captured the essence of the rivalry between the two neighbouring nations. The campaign became an overnight hit which led to Star eventually just continuing with these ads for rest of India's fixtures in the world cup till they were knocked out in the Semifinals.

#4 Deadpool at Manchester United

When 21st Century Fox decided to partner with Manchester United to promote a superhero movie in 2016, a lot of eyebrows were raised. Who would have thought Wayne Rooney would share screen space with Deadpool after all. But it did happen and well the United fanbase did have a good laugh just like they had during the movie.

And hence it wasn't surprising they did a collaboration again in 2018 for the sequel.