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Are your team having a hard time selling sponsorships or is your company having trouble making profitable marketing campaigns? Then Zlingits cashback solution is the perfect option for you! :D


Make money every time your fans or members make a purchase in a partnership store.

Let the search between different categories to find companies that support their club or team

Once in the store, they simply register the amount they purchased for.

Show their phone to the cashier who confirms the amount and validates the purchase.

A percentage back to your club!


Are you tired of paying for marketing services upfront without seeing any actual results?

Do you want to make your marketing more efficient without spending a huge amount of money and taking any risks? With Zlingits cashback model you will have all that! How?

By registering your company for the cashback model your company will be marketed as a partner company to local sports clubs in your region.

“92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone they trust is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product or service.” ― Paul M Rand

These clubs will promote your company to their members and therefore your marketing will become more reliable since the members and fans trust their club/teams.

When a club generates a customer to your store and they register their purchase, you pay a percentage of their purchase which goes to the club.

There is no fixed cost. You only pay when our system generates a customer to your store.


You will get a full overview of: 1. How many customers each club have generated

2. Which club that has generated the most revenues to your store

3. Which club that has the biggest purchase orders

4. Average purchase order

5. Revenue per hour

6. Insight about your customer profile

And much more.

To generate more customers you can also decide to give discounts or a special deal once a person has purchased for a certain amount in your store.

Contact us for more information!


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