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Digital gift cards are a perfect way for your company to give your customers a better user experience. Why you might ask? Well, the reason for a digital gift card is simple. 1. Your customers do not have to carry around a gift card in their wallets. With a digital gift card, your customers will always have it accessible from their phones.

2. Don't you just hate it when you bought a gift card and you forget to use it before the expiration date?

Well, with a digital gift card you can simply set the date when it's expired, Zlingit will then send out a message to your customer once the expiration date is near. This will also help you get

3. Another great benefit with a digital gift card is that you can track who your customers enabling you to find work with retargeting

So how does it work?

Inside your companies messenger channel, each user can decide to buy a gift card based on the different amounts that we set up. A person could buy a gift card worth 100 €, 200 €, 500 € depending on your choice.

Once the user bought their gift card they get credits in your store. They can simply check their credits in the menu option "Gift Card". Here they will also see when the gift card expires.

To use the gift card they simply press "Use" and write the amount they want to use for the purchase.

Validation If you want or the cashier wants to validate the amount we can add a validation feature that will ensure that the person wants to use their credits. Once you or they press validate the credits will be drawn from their gift card.

Create your own currency

It's not as complicated as you may think!