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A leaderboard is used to drive more engagement with your target audience, to get them to come back and participate over and over again.

Establish different leaderboards for each and every activity or combine certain activities in one bigger leaderboard

Establish a weekly, monthly, and season based competition where you announce a winner on your social media and through the system. So why is a Leaderboard actually important? Well, let say that someone participate in the quiz competition but are never among the top players because the questions are just to hard. This might make the player feeling a bit dumb and would eventually stop playing. Now, lets say you create a leaderboard based on the combined total amount of right answers then this would incentivize the player to keep playing regardless if the first two quizzes was a bit hard. Or you can create a leaderboard based on the total amount of completed quizzes. In this alternative the points does not really matter. Just by participating in each quiz the player would increase the chance of winning a grand price. Then if you make a weekly, monthly and season based Leaderboards it would give each player even more hope to be in the top.

Why it's good to have multiple Leadersboards is because it speaks to different kinds of players. Someone want instant results, short competitions, while other are in it for the long run. It's just a matter of taste and by having short and long terms Leadersboards you will increase the amount of attraction from different type of players. If you give a away a bigger price for each time period that could also give players a bigger incentive to keep playing.

Combined Leaderboards

Since our system can measure how many point someone gets in each and every activity they complete, how many times they participated and the total amount of Engagement Points collected you could combine different leaderboards.

A good example is Most-Engaged-Customer/Fan-Award. In this leaderboard we combine the total amount of points collected. To get to the top all you have to do is to engage in as many activities as possible.

Another example is the Smartest-Customer/Fan-Award. You can combine the total amount of points collected in the the quiz-, riddle, anagram, rebus-activity

Other examples of leaderboards could be

1. Best-First Score-Prediction-Award

2. Best-Final Score-Prediction-Award 3. Riddle-Master

Well you can create whatever leaderboard you want to increase the engagement from your target audience. And we will always help you to set everything up and or if you need to talk about different ideas :)


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