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Pay-wall, Webbshop and Digital kiosk

A simple way to generate revenues is to add an pay-wall to some of your activities and maybe some VIP news. A paywall enables you ta charge money for user to take part of your content. This suits well if you have a big price on stake that your target audience could win, and to enter they have to pay a small fee.

VIP News

To separate your "normal" fans from your "super" fans you could create VIP news channel, where you give out all the news before they are updated on the website, strategy talk from the coaches, players updates and more


If you do not already have an webbshop you can to sell your merchandize or any other product you want through us. If you do have an Webbshop, add your link to the system and send out promotions to your fans to increase your sales.

Digital Kiosk

Enable fans to order their food and drink directly from their seats so they can enjoy them game instead of standing in line.

Create a pre-order line at your events and let visitors pick up their orders once it's ready instead of standing in long queues.

Track what your visitors order when they visit the event and send out a Message if they want to order the usual once they visit again.


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