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If you are planning a conference where you want to activate and engage your visitors like never before and create an experience that will be hard to forget, you should keep reading!

Activating your visitors is becoming more common as you want to create a better and more interactive experience around your events.

The big disadvantage has always been that visitors have to download an app, use several different links or similar to participate in these activities.

With Zlingit you avoid all the hassle and at the same time allow for increased efficiency, reduced administration and much more :)

Automatic customer support

Use Zlingit to automate answers to the most common questions you get about your conference via your website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Answer questions such as:

  1. Prices

  2. Speaker

  3. Date

  4. Start times

  5. Address

  6. and much more

We adapt everything based on the questions you want to automate the answers to

Submit questions

If the person does not find the answer to their question, they can easily choose to send in a question which is then sent to your email. You can then choose to respond to the customer directly via the channel the customer contacted you via.

Live chat

You can also enable people to open a live chat with one of your employees to be able to answer their questions faster and handle more people at the same time. Set up what times you have available during the day.

Tickets & Automated Messages

Connect your ticket solution or use one of Zlingit's partners to manage the tickets. Send out reminders, welcome and thank you messages to your visitors and people who bought tickets.

You fill in yourself which message you want to send out, add pictures or GIFs to make it a little more personal and decide what date and time the different messages should be sent.


If you want to hold interesting discussions or activate the audience with the speaker, voting is an easy tool to use. The audience for a push notice or message when it's time to participate in the vote. You have the data in real-time and can see what everyone voted for.

Questions / Thrive

Ask questions to the audience and test their knowledge before and after the conference or after a specific speaker. The audience for a push notice or message when it's time to answer the questions. You have the data in real-time and can see what everyone answered.

An easy way to measure the effect your conference has contributed to

Panel discussions

Do you plan to provide panel discussions and want to avoid an employee running around with a microphone in the audience? In that case, it may be a good idea to digitize the recording of the questions from the audience.

Surveys also show that more and more people dare to ask questions when they do not have to make themselves public or speak in front of an audience.

The audience for a push message that refers them to participate in the panel discussion if they want. They simply write down their questions and send them in.

You who arrange can easily see all the questions that have been submitted and choose which ones you want to address in the panel.


After each speaker or after the conference, the system can send a message to receive feedback from all visitors. Zlingit also detects if a person has completed the feedback and automatically follows up with the person who did not respond to the feedback.


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