If you are planning a conference where you want to activate and engage your visitors like never before and create an experience that will be hard to forget, you should keep reading!

Activating your visitors is becoming more common as you want to create a better and more interactive experience around your events.

The big disadvantage has always been that visitors have to download an app, use several different links or similar to participate in these activities.

With Zlingit you avoid all the hassle and at the same time allow for increased efficiency, reduced administration and much more :)

Automatic customer support

Use Zlingit to automate answers to the most common questions you get about your conference via your website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Answer questions such as:

  1. Prices

  2. Speaker

  3. Date

  4. Start times

  5. Address

  6. and much more

We adapt everything based on the questions you want to automate the answers to

Submit questions

If the person does not find the answer to their question, they can easily choose to send in a question which is then sent to your email. You can then choose to respond to the customer directly via the channel the customer contacted you via.

Live chat