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Trade Shows

If you are arranging a trade show with multiple vendors and visitors?

Do you want to create a simple way for visitors to part fo important information before and during the show? Do you want to offer vendors and exhibitors interesting options to generate more leads?

If yes, you should keep reading!

Tickets system + Zlingit = True

Enable users to buy tickets through Messenger by linking your ticket system with Zlingit or send out the zlingit link to everyone that purchases a ticket to the trade show!

If you don't have a ticket system, Zlingit got you covered! We have multiple partners that can help you out!

Reward loyal customers

Another great feature is that Zlingit can measure your returning customers based on the number of purchase orders and the amount of money spent. This enables you to reward returning customers with sweet deals or discounts, increasing the loyalty and amount of revenues long term.

Automatic customer support

Use Zlingit to automate answers to the most common questions you receive via Messenger or Instagram

- Opening hours,

- Address,

- Telephone number,

- Appointments,

- Prices

- and much more

We can easily adapt the answers based on the questions you want to answer

Email support

If the person does not find their answer, they can easily choose to send a question via Messenger that ends up in your E-mail. You can then choose to respond to the customer via your email or directly in Messenger.

Live chat

You can also enable people to open a live chat with one of your employees to be able to answer their questions faster.

Why is Messenger a perfect option to answers questions for customers? Click here

Automated Messages

Send out reminders, welcome- and thank you messages to your visitors.

Other information

Enable them to access the schedule for each day, the map over the trade show, what companies are exhibiting, and any other important information you want them to access with ease. Skip the handouts, save some money, and save the impact on the environment!

For the Exhibitors

Trade Shows is an exceptional way of demonstrating your products and getting to know your customers in a transparent and easy way. However, you might meet 1000 of people at your both and you know that not everyone will buy something from you at the trade show.

So the question is how many customers the trade show generates even after the event has ended!?! Enable each exhibitor to host its own digital competition that the visitors can participate in. It's a great ice breaker to get people to come and talk to the exhibitors and it also creates a fun environment for the visitor.

Let the exhibitors choose from a variety of different competitions.

  • Quiz Competitions The quiz competition is a classic game that most people enjoy. The person with the most right answers wins.

  • Riddle How smart are the visitors? Can they solve the riddle?

  • Puzzles How fast can the user solve the puzzles?

  • Q&A's Creating interesting Q&A's where your audience can ask questions to the artists.

  • Digital Treasure Hunt Take your audience on an exciting treasure hunt, physically or digitally. Hide different clues around the arena on your web, social media pages, in videos, etc to drive engagement.

The visitors have to leave their contact information to complete the competition. This enables the exhibitors to contact the users even after the show.

Each participant could get a digital coupon which they could use at the trade show or afterward online or at the exhibitor's physical store. By doing so our system would be able to see how many customers your trade show has generated even after the show itself.

We could even categorize the coupons based on industry and company so you can see exactly where your visitors bought the most from.

By combining this with Facebook pixel you can create lookalike audiences to attract even more customers for next year. This would also enable you to get a better knowledge about who your visitors actually are based on age, gender, interests. This information is given by Facebook and is legally collected by their privacy policy.

These statistics and numbers would be a great way to showcase the real power of a trade show. It would also be a great way to attract even more exhibitors

Pick and choose your own package

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