If you are arranging a party or festival, Zlingit may be what you are looking for to do something really special for your event

With Zlingit you can create a unique experience for your audience and partners. Zlingit is a web-based application that integrates with Facebook Messenger enableling your to create an app-based experience inside the Messenger platform (soon Instagram Messages as well).

This is a perfect option if your organization is managing the same events every year.

Tickets system + Zlingit = True

Enable users to buy tickets through Messenger by linking your ticket system with Zlingit. You don't have a ticket system? Do not worry, Zlingit got you covered! We have multiple partners that you can use and we will help you set everything up!

Reward loyal customers

Another great feature is that Zlingit can measure your returning customers based on the number of purchase orders and the amount of money spent. This enables you to reward returning customers with sweet deals or discounts, increasing the loyalty and amount of revenues long term.

Automatic customer support

Use Zlingit to automate answers to the most common questions you receive via Messenger or Instagram

- Opening hours,

- Address,

- Telephone number,

- Appointment,

- Prices

- and much more

We can easily adapt the answers based on the questions you want to answer

Email support

If the person does not find their answer, they can easily choose to send a question via Messenger that ends up in your E-mail. You can then choose to respond to the customer via your email or directly in Messenger.